• Autumn Term Start

Autumn Term Start

Hope everyone has been enjoying the summer break.

Our last week of holidays sessions are this week; 23rd - 25th August.

The gym will be closed the following week before reopening for normal classes on Monday 6th September for regular term time lessons.


Autumn Term: 6th September – 23rd December.

Note Covid-19 rules are still in place:

Adults and gymnasts over 11 years should wear a face mask in the building (unless exempt).

Masks should be removed for gymnasts participating in gymnastics sessions.

The building remains closed to the public & parents during sessions. If you need to talk to a member of staff, we can arrange a meeting when coaches are not busy coaching gymnasts.

Gymnasts should still enter the gym via unit 6 (left door) and exit door via unit 7 (right door).

All Members:

All members attending gymnastics sessions must have current British Gymnastics membership.

Members without British Gymnastics membership will be turned away at the door by coaches.

You can join here: www.british-gymnastics.org/gymnet/register/registerstart

New Members:

Note: new members are permitted to attend 2 sessions before they must join British Gymnastics.

British Gymnastics Membership Fees:

Recreational gymnast fees are currently £13 (reduced from £19). Annual renewal date 1st October.

Preschool gymnast fees are currently £9 (reduced from £13). Annual renewal date 1st October.