• It's great to be back!

It's great to be back!

Our gymnasts were so excited to be back, so whom better to ask than our gymnasts how they felt? This is what they said:

“I like to come back & try new things.” Alaw

“It’s fun to do backflips and all the fun tricks I used to do after being away for so long.” Nieve

“I am really excited to be back on the bars and having fun.” Emily

“I am happy to be back at gymnastics.” Tesni

“I love to be back and seeing everyone smile and having fun.” Cari

“I like being back at gymnastics and seeing by friends again.” Hanna

“Like being back and seeing my friends.” Medi

“I like being back & seeing everyone have fun and laughing.” Havi

Thanks parents & gymnasts for supporting the club in the return to gymnastics in Bethesda!